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Cotuit/Cape Cod

Back on your walk, be sure to leave the Cordwood Road, turning right at the sign for Eagle Pond. The pond is a glacial feature and is fed by cold groundwater. It is a jewel in the forest, larger than one might expect. Apparently it is quite deep, too. Local swimmers sometimes ply the waters, but not often; there are no handy beaches. It is really a spot for viewing and wondering and appreciating. Continuing around the pond, you will find the old road again. Bear right toward the ocean.

As for wildlife in the area, there are plenty of forest and woodland-edge birds and some mammals that you probably won’t see during the day of your walk: coyote, deer, fox, raccoon, and skunk. You might come across a band of wild turkeys, too. At the end of June their young have hatched, so you might see them crossing or running along the road with their parents at any time during the next few months.

When you walk the path around the pond through white and pitch pines, other trees and shrubs appear, including beech, red maple, apple, sweet pepperbush, witch hazel, choke cherry, rhododendron and dogwood. Look down to find bearberry, heath, and lady slippers at the right time of year.

The land is now owned and managed by the Barnstable Land Trust, acquired through purchase and generous gifting over the years. It was not an easy task to acquire the properties, as developers vied for them. But, the Trust won—and the victories are a blessing to all of us who hike, walk, and enjoy nature.

Simple rules apply: no mechanized vehicles, camping, or fires are allowed. Dogs are welcomed on a leash. Other rules are posted at the beginning of the Cordwood Road.

The Cordwood Road is flat and an easy walk. The path around Eagle Pond can go up and down, but is still very manageable. Some benches are there by the pond; bring a picnic and let the world pass by. Around in the winter? Bring your cross-country skis or snowshoes. You are welcome at this site.

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